Falconplein 16 - Home


The 6 apartments are located on the brand new Falconplein in Antwerp. With a special historical background, the City of Antwerp decided to upgrade this area to a nice quite and social region with all necessary shops on walking distance. This decision was taken in 2004 and if you take a look a the result in just a few years, ... it is amazing.

The square has been completely renovated, together with many historical buildings.

Falconplein 16 has been completely renovated in 2006. In each apartment we installed new windows with double glazing, wooden floors, kitchens, bathrooms, electricity, heating, curtains, ... to provide all necessary comfort.

Due to the location on a square and the big windows, the apartments are very bright.

On the ground-floor there is a charming Breakfast & Lunch restaurant (which closes at 18:00 to ensure quite evenings) in which you can have a great and original dishes. It is called “Lait Russe”